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Paquetes Turísticos

Golf & Hills
  • Consultar|Tour 5 días

Golf & Hills > Argentina

An experience for those who enjoy this sport accompanied by the beautiful landscape offered by the mountains of Córdoba.


Courses at Valle del Golf and El Potrerillo de Larreta.

Enjoy the contemporary atmosphere and the airs of the history of Cordoba by visiting the best golf courses in the region.

Central hills at your feet
  • Consultar|Tour 5 días

Central hills at your feet > Argentina

Discover the spanish legacy both in architecture and culture visiting the Jesuit legacy.

Follow Che Guevara´s footprints in the region: stay at his former schoolrefurbished as a unique hotel and visit his house in Alta Gracia.

Wonder of the Central Andes: Argentina, Bolivia and Perú
  • Consultar|Tour 18 días

Wonder of the Central Andes: Argentina, Bolivia and Perú > Argentina

We invite you to live the wonder of the Central Andes, a unique, practical and complete tour of this wonderful area of ??Latin America. In this journey, we will gradually make our way through the Central Andes, observing a unique landscape scene in the world, understanding different life forms and marveling at the sharing of the days with the stories of our Andean guides, the cultures and legends that We will feel and delight in its gastronomy.

Natural Wonders
  • Consultar|Tour 13 días

Natural Wonders > Argentina

The full nature receives travelers from all over the world who seek an encounter with the wonders of the Universe and with itself. From the abundance of the jungle to the Patagonian plateau, its marine fauna with all its splendor and the ancient glaciers. Everything comes together to make the experience unforgettable.

Marvelous Central Hills of Argentina
  • Consultar|Tour 5 días

Marvelous Central Hills of Argentina > Argentina

Spectacular geological sites that give rise to multicolored rock formations of capricious undulations surrounded by green mountains bathed by rivers of crystalline waters. The Central Sierras of Argentina are an important site for the protection of a unique biodiversity.

Featured Sites:

· Quebrada del Condorito National Park.

· The path of the High Summits.

· Nature lovers will enjoy this program, as it includes a visit to the National Park and one of the most picturesque trips in the area: The High Summits Road.

Argentine North Complete
  • Consultar|Tour 9 días

Argentine North Complete > Argentina

An unforgettable journey through the Andean ancestral paths, of friendly people, rich in traditions, with exquisite cuisine and artisans that are worth knowing.

Argentine and Chilean Patagonia with AUSTRALIS CRUISE
  • Consultar|Tour 12 días

Argentine and Chilean Patagonia with AUSTRALIS CRUISE > Argentina

A unique trip through the fjords and glaciers of Argentina and Chile, touring incredible landscapes in the Patagonian National Parks of the end of the world

Classical Patagonia I
  • Consultar|Tour 10 días

Classical Patagonia I > Argentina

Prepare yourself for a dream trip to South America with its natural wealth in all its splendour. You will discover the beauty that Patagonia has to offer and why it is impossible to compare it with any other place in the world!

Classical Patagonia II
  • Consultar|Tour 10 días

Classical Patagonia II > Argentina

Following the line of the Patagonian Andes, you will discover incredible landscapes of lakes, rivers, snow, eternal glaciers, with a flora and fauna that give life to this scenario. 

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