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Paquetes Turísticos

Discovering the Quebrada de Humahuaca, Uyuni and Atacama Express
  • Consultar|Tour 13 días

Discovering the Quebrada de Humahuaca, Uyuni and Atacama Express > Argentina

13 days - 12 nights

This voyage of discovery through Northern Argentina, southern Bolivia and northern Chile, offers us an unparalleled panorama of the Quebrada, the Salares, the Altiplano and the Desert, as well as the people who inhabit that area centuries ago and their culture. The combination of excursions and walks and the selection of sites that we travel allows us to know the spectacular landscapes of Northern Argentina, Uyuni in Bolivia and Atacama in Chile, but also brings us closer to millenary life forms, traveling the same paths as the villages originating first and the Incas later, admiring the cultivation terraces in the high valleys and the grazing of animals in the ravines, as well as salt flats, multicolored lagoons, incredible dunes and impressive geyseres, which are part of this amazing itinerary.

Wonder of the Central Andes: Argentina, Bolivia and Perú
  • Consultar|Tour 18 días

Wonder of the Central Andes: Argentina, Bolivia and Perú > Argentina

We invite you to live the wonder of the Central Andes, a unique, practical and complete tour of this wonderful area of ??Latin America. In this journey, we will gradually make our way through the Central Andes, observing a unique landscape scene in the world, understanding different life forms and marveling at the sharing of the days with the stories of our Andean guides, the cultures and legends that We will feel and delight in its gastronomy.

Peru: historical and legends
  • Consultar|Tour 15 días

Peru: historical and legends > Argentina

May 16, 2020.

Departure from Alta gracia.

12 nights.

A trip that will allow you to visit the most beautiful attractions of Peru as well as excursions through the Andes, Jujuy, Bolivia, Chile and much more.

Trekking from Iruya to La Quiaca
  • Consultar|Tour 7 días

Trekking from Iruya to La Quiaca > Argentina

Valleys and gorges of the Inca Trail transports us to the heart of an ancient culture, hidden among the hills, walking with the backpack on our shoulders is the best way to get in touch with the residents who offer their hospitality.