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Getaway adventure from Humahuaca to the Yungas
  • Consultar|Tour 4 días

Getaway adventure from Humahuaca to the Yungas > Argentina

A unique experience, walking part of the Qhapaq Ñan (or Camino del Inca, monumental pre-Columbian engineering work) in the Sub-Andean Sierras. Starting the journey in the incredible town of Santa Ana, with the ladies wearing their famous hand embroidered shawls. From there, you descend to the nuboselva through the towns of Valle Colorado and Valle Grande, in the middle of the yungas, you can have direct contact with its people, so special in the simple and with such rich values ??that you will never forget.

Argentine North Complete
  • Consultar|Tour 9 días

Argentine North Complete > Argentina

An unforgettable journey through the Andean ancestral paths, of friendly people, rich in traditions, with exquisite cuisine and artisans that are worth knowing.

Patagonia Deluxe
  • Consultar|Tour 14 días

Patagonia Deluxe > Argentina

Discover the Argentine Patagonia in a group trip by high-end bus (bed), all inclusive, without worrying about anything, just enjoy and discover incredible landscapes. This products is ideal for those who want to have everything solved, apart from sharing with other Argentine passengers from different parts of the country making the experience richer.


Patagonia Motorcycle Route
  • Consultar|Tour 15 días

Patagonia Motorcycle Route > Argentina

From Latin America Travel we propose a trip one hundred percent connected with enjoy.

From years of experience, you will experience a deep adventure both culturally and in landscapes.

We work committed, maximizing the experiences of adventure tourism.

We live passion until the end of the world!


Route: Total 3,625 KM - 15 days and 14 nights

Group departure to Patagonia by air March 3, 2020
  • Consultar|Tour 10 días

Group departure to Patagonia by air March 3, 2020 > Argentina

Bariloche - El Calafate - Ushuaia


An ideal trip for those who like to travel in a group or are alone and want to share a unique experience, accompanied by experts in Patagonia who will know how to convey the magic of this beautiful region and make them live unique moments.

Trekking from Iruya to La Quiaca
  • Consultar|Tour 7 días

Trekking from Iruya to La Quiaca > Argentina

Valleys and gorges of the Inca Trail transports us to the heart of an ancient culture, hidden among the hills, walking with the backpack on our shoulders is the best way to get in touch with the residents who offer their hospitality.

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San Salvador de Jujuy
Argentina + info

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Solar Eclipse in Patagonia Argentina - Full Day Experience
  • Solar Eclipse in Patagonia Argentina - Full Day Experience|SD

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Experience this total solar eclipse adventure by reaching a privileged location along the central axis of the eclipse in North Patagonia in the province of Neuquén, Argentina, on December 14, 2020.
Villa Carlos Paz
  • Villa Carlos Paz|SD

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This is a half-day excursion, where we will visit the tourist city par excellence of our province, the most convincing and active.
Traslasierra Valley
  • Traslasierra Valley|SD

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A visit to the distant Traslasierra Valley. A trip that is well worth it to get to know the beautiful Camino de las Altas Cumbres, cross the famous Pampa de Achala and discover an inhospitable and impressive mountain environment.

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